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Speakers already confirmed in this year's program are listed below. Check back periodically for additions and updates.

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<b>Dr. David Schmittlein</b><br/>John C Head III Dean<br/> MIT Sloan School of Management
Dr. David Schmittlein
John C Head III Dean
MIT Sloan School of Management

<b>Mr. Ron Markezich</b><br/>Corporate VP<br>Microsoft Online
Mr. Ron Markezich
Corporate VP
Microsoft Online

<b>Mr. Stephen F. Schuckenbrock</b><br/>President, Large Enterprise<br/>Dell Inc.
Mr. Stephen F. Schuckenbrock
President, Large Enterprise
Dell Inc.

<b>Mr. Bob Brennan</b><br/>President and CEO<br>Iron Mountain
Mr. Bob Brennan
President and CEO
Iron Mountain

<b>Ms. Karen Kotowski</b><br/>SVP and CIO<br>SALLIE MAE, INC.
Ms. Karen Kotowski

<b>Mr. James Champy</b><br/>Chairman of Consulting<br>Perot Systems Corporation
Mr. James Champy
Chairman of Consulting
Perot Systems Corporation

<b>Mr. Gary Beach</b><br/>Publisher Emeritus<br>CIO Magazine
Mr. Gary Beach
Publisher Emeritus
CIO Magazine

<b>Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson</b><br/>Schussel Professor of Management and Director<br/>MIT Center for Digital Business (CDB)
Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson
Schussel Professor of Management and Director
MIT Center for Digital Business (CDB)

<b>Prof. Thomas Malone</b><br/>Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management and Director<br/>MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (CCI)
Prof. Thomas Malone
Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management and Director
MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (CCI)

<b>Dr. Jeanne Ross</b><br/>Director<br/>Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)
Dr. Jeanne Ross
Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)

<b>RADM Elizabeth Hight</b><br/>Rear Admiral, Vice Director <br>Defense Information Systems Agency
RADM Elizabeth Hight
Rear Admiral, Vice Director
Defense Information Systems Agency

<b>Mr. Emil Sayegh</b><br/>GM<br>Mosso, Rackspace Cloud
Mr. Emil Sayegh
Mosso, Rackspace Cloud

<b>Ms. Maryfran Johnson</b><br/>Editor in Chief<br/>CIO Magazine and Events
Ms. Maryfran Johnson
Editor in Chief
CIO Magazine and Events

<b>Mr. Bob Greenberg</b><br/>General Manager<br/>Information Technology Optimization<br>IBM
Mr. Bob Greenberg
General Manager
Information Technology Optimization

<b>Mr. Chris Barbin</b><br/>CEO<br/>Appirio
Mr. Chris Barbin

<b>Mr. Justin Lindsey</b><br/>CTO<br/>Netezza
Mr. Justin Lindsey

<b>Mr. Sid Probstein</b><br/>CTO<br/>Attivio
Mr. Sid Probstein

<b>Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger</b><br/>Chairman Emeritus <br>IBM Academy of Technology<br/>Visiting Professor of Engineering Systems<br/>MIT
Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger
Chairman Emeritus
IBM Academy of Technology
Visiting Professor of Engineering Systems

<b>Mr. Brian Keane</b><br/>CEO<br>Dextrys
Mr. Brian Keane

<b>Ms. Christine Ross</b><br/>Vice President, Research Director<br>Forrester
Ms. Christine Ross
Vice President, Research Director

<b>Ms. Atti Riazi</b><br/>Senior Partner and Chief Information Officer<br>Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide
Ms. Atti Riazi
Senior Partner and Chief Information Officer
Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide

<b>Mr. Alan Trefler</b><br/>CEO<br>Pegasystems
Mr. Alan Trefler

<b>Mr. Ali Riaz</b><br/>CEO<br>Attivio
Mr. Ali Riaz

<b>Mr. J. Kent Crawford</b><br/>Founder and Chief Executive Officer<br/>PM Solutions
Mr. J. Kent Crawford
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
PM Solutions

<b>Mr. Som Mittal</b><br/>President<br/>NASSCOM
Mr. Som Mittal

<b>Mr. Simon Crosby</b><br/>CTO of the Virtualization and Management Division<br/>Citrix Systems
Mr. Simon Crosby
CTO of the Virtualization and Management Division
Citrix Systems

<b>Mr. Bilal Husain</b><br/>Director of eServices Projects<br>Saudi eGovernment Program, Saudi Arabia
Mr. Bilal Husain
Director of eServices Projects
Saudi eGovernment Program, Saudi Arabia

<b>Mr. John Stone</b><br/>President <br>CrossTech Partners, LLC
Mr. John Stone
CrossTech Partners, LLC

<b>Dr. Wade Roush</b><br/>Chief Correspondent<br>Xconomy
Dr. Wade Roush
Chief Correspondent

<b>Dr. John Halamka</b><br/>CIO<br/>Harvard Medical School
Dr. John Halamka
Harvard Medical School

<b>Dr. Michael Siegel</b><br/>Senior Lecturer; Principal Research Scientist<br/>MIT Sloan School of Management
Dr. Michael Siegel
Senior Lecturer; Principal Research Scientist
MIT Sloan School of Management

<b>Ms. Jo Hoppe</b><br/>CIO<br/>PAREXEL International Corporation
Ms. Jo Hoppe
PAREXEL International Corporation

<b>Dr. Said Tabet</b><br/>Co-Chair <br/>OCEG Technology Council
Dr. Said Tabet
OCEG Technology Council

<b>Prof. Andrew McAfee</b><br/>Visiting Associate Professor<br/>Center for Digital Business at MIT
Prof. Andrew McAfee
Visiting Associate Professor
Center for Digital Business at MIT

<b>Dr. David Blaszkowsky</b><br/>Director, Office of Interactive Disclosure<br/>US Securities and Exchange Commission
Dr. David Blaszkowsky
Director, Office of Interactive Disclosure
US Securities and Exchange Commission

<b>Dr. George Westerman</b><br/>Research Scientist<br/>Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)
Dr. George Westerman
Research Scientist
Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)

<b>Mr. Shawn Banerji</b><br/>Managing Director<br>Global Technology Sector<br>Russell Reynolds Associates
Mr. Shawn Banerji
Managing Director
Global Technology Sector
Russell Reynolds Associates

<b>Mr. Christopher Reichert</b><br/>Executive Chair, MIT Sloan CIO Symposium<br/>Director, MIT Sloan Alumni Club of Boston
Mr. Christopher Reichert
Executive Chair, MIT Sloan CIO Symposium
Director, MIT Sloan Alumni Club of Boston

<b>Dr. Graham Rong</b><br/>2009 Event Chair<br/>MIT Sloan CIO Symposium
Dr. Graham Rong
2009 Event Chair
MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

<b>Mr. Marco Pacelli</b><br/>CEO <br> Clickfox
Mr. Marco Pacelli

<b>Ms. Lorie Buckingham</b><br/>CIO<br>Avaya
Ms. Lorie Buckingham

<b>Mr. Ed Bugnion</b><br/>VP <br> Cisco
Mr. Ed Bugnion

<b>Mr. Geoffrey Oblak</b><br/>General Partner <br> Ascent Venture Partners
Mr. Geoffrey Oblak
General Partner
Ascent Venture Partners

<b>Award Presenter: Prof. Glen L. Urban</b><br/>David Austin Professor of Marketing, Dean Emeritus<br/>MIT Sloan School of Management<br/>Chairman, MIT Center for Digital Business
Award Presenter: Prof. Glen L. Urban
David Austin Professor of Marketing, Dean Emeritus
MIT Sloan School of Management
Chairman, MIT Center for Digital Business

<b>Mr. Dennis Giokas</b><br/>Chief Technology Officer<br>Canada Health Infoway
Mr. Dennis Giokas
Chief Technology Officer
Canada Health Infoway

<b>Mr. Gary Swart</b><br/>CEO<br>oDesk
Mr. Gary Swart

<b>Mr. Kevin Coyne</b><br/> President and CEO<br/>e3 solutions
Mr. Kevin Coyne
President and CEO
e3 solutions

<b>Mr. John Niemoller</b><br/>President and COO<br> Perillon
Mr. John Niemoller
President and COO

<b>Mr. Shekar Pannala</b><br/>CIO, Enterprise eCommerce Services<br>The Bank of New York Mellon
Mr. Shekar Pannala
CIO, Enterprise eCommerce Services
The Bank of New York Mellon

<b>Mr. Brian Watson</b><br/> Editor in Chief<br>CIO Insight
Mr. Brian Watson
Editor in Chief
CIO Insight

<b>Mr. Joseph W. Alsop</b><br/>Co-Founder and former Chief Executive Officer<br>Progress Software Corporation
Mr. Joseph W. Alsop
Co-Founder and former Chief Executive Officer
Progress Software Corporation

<b>Gregory Veltri </b><br/>CIO<br/>Denver Health and Hospital
Gregory Veltri
Denver Health and Hospital

<b>Dr. Richard C. Mindess</b><br/>CEO and Medical Director<br/>Lower Merrimac Valley Physician Hospital Organization
Dr. Richard C. Mindess
CEO and Medical Director
Lower Merrimac Valley Physician Hospital Organization

<b>Mr. Ed Park</b><br/>CTO<br/>athenahealth, Inc.
Mr. Ed Park
athenahealth, Inc.

<b>Mr. Raheel Retiwalla</b><br/>CTO<br/>Monitor Analytics and Clearway Technology Partners
Mr. Raheel Retiwalla
Monitor Analytics and Clearway Technology Partners

<b>Mr. Bill Rogers</b><br/>Chief Information Officer and VP of Information Technology<br/>Goss International
Mr. Bill Rogers
Chief Information Officer and VP of Information Technology
Goss International



For all MIT Sloan CIO Symposia we typically recruit speakers 2-4 months in advance. Speakers are primarily active, practicing CIOs of organizations. In addition, we recruit experts in certain fields (such as economists, lawyers, academics, government officials), depending on the conference theme and session content.

Conference themes and session topics are chosen by the MIT Sloan Alumni Club of Boston, the MIT Center for Digital Business and SIM Boston, in conjunction with members of our advisory team.

Speakers who meet the above criteria are always welcome to submit any ideas, or suggest areas of expertise they'd like to talk about. Vendors who are sponsors of the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium events are typically given the opportunity to have a speaker at concurrent breakout sessions, provided they relate to the overall conference theme.

It's a wonderful way to participate in the event and interact with attendees.

For more information about speaking opportunities, please contact Graham Rong.