Ellen Quackenbush
Market & Competitive Intelligence
Seagate Technologies
Ellen Quackenbush has over 20 years experience developing innovative market and customer research to guide technology companies in their product designs and go-to-market strategies. At Seagate Technologies, she works with the Enterprise Computing group to define the impact of Web 2.0 and digital information explosion on storage systems design. She also manages Seagate's participation in an academic-industry consortium measuring the growth of digital information and how this information creates business value.

Before joining Seagate, Ellen worked at Lucent Technologies, Cabletron Systems and Digital Equipment, where she introduced customer segmentation based on technology adoption behavior and purchase patterns. Early in her technology career, she worked at the Center for Information Systems Research studying the impact of database technology on sales force productivity. Before high-tech, Ellen worked in the oil and gas industry and ran a demonstration project to make ethanol out of potatoes in Maine.

Ellen has a MS in management science from MIT's Sloan School of Management and a BA in economics and Geology from Smith College.