Doris Brophy
Chief Information Officer
Stark Investments
Doris Brophy joined Stark Investments, a hedge fund based in Milwaukee Wisconsin, in 1999. As CIO, she was responsible for all aspects of technology. Doris provided the IT leadership which allowed for a 400% increase in the size of the organization and a quadrupling of assets under management during her tenure.

Since graduating with degrees in Computer Science, Economics and Mathematics, Doris' career focused on applying the combination of those areas of expertise within the financial industry. Early in her career, Doris programmed a Bond Option Model utilizing an additive method and Gaussian diffusion matrix. Through this work at Merrill Lynch, Doris was exposed to firm wide risk management and front office systems and her areas of responsibilities grew.

Doris continued to pursue opportunities to provide technical analytic solutions supporting Emerging Markets and then Market Risk Management while at JPMorgan. It is at JPMorgan where she became a proponent for Service Based Architecture which resulted in lower development costs, quicker time to market, scalability, redundancy, and ease of deployment. Doris was instrumental in bringing SBA to Deutsche Bank and then Stark Investments.